Richis Afrika

Richi Wagner

Hello, my name is Richi Wagner and I am your guide on our expedition together. On most of our trips, you yourself sit behind the wheel of a four-wheel drive, and you have a big influence on which route we drive.

As your experienced guide, I set out the course, but as a participant you have the opportunity to shape the course yourself if there are special experiences you would like to take home with you.

We have a goal, but we decide the way to get there ourselves. This is how I prefer to cross through the African bush myself.

My motto is: This is not a holiday… it’s an adventure. Do you want to join?

My love for South Africa

I lived and worked in South Africa from 1984-1995 and have since returned to the Africa I love a few times a year since. In 2010 I trained as a field guide – or ranger – to be as well equipped as possible to share my love of the bush with you.

I have a lot of experience in traveling in the bush and in 2001 I drove a Landrover from Cape Town all the way to Copenhagen. It sharpened even more my sense of moving in the magnificent nature, which is full of surprises and challenges.

Both in the meeting with the wild animals and the unpredictable weather phenomena.

An experience of a lifetime

On our expedition, you will experience a completely unique unity with nature when a herd of elephants or buffalo stops us for a while because they have the right of way to cross the “road” we are driving on.

You will also fall asleep in the tent to the sound of lions roaring in the distance after a long eventful day in the bush. It’s something everyone deserves to experience at least once in their life.

The feeling of freedom and the fact that you can do much more than you thought when a challenge is solved cannot be described in words, but must be experienced firsthand. The intense feeling of being present in the moment as life in the bush unfolds.

Hanne Lunah Lund says this about our trip in 2019:
“Road trip through Botswana with Richis Africa is a completely unique experience. Lots of animals, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, exciting camp sites and not least Richi’s great knowledge of Africa.”

I look forward to accompanying you on one of our expeditions.

Best wishes
Rich Wagner