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Namibia must see

Guided self-drive exploration of Namibia

“The land of thirst” is one of the descriptions Namibia has received over the years.

On this tour, you will experience what seems like an endless desert, raw and harsh areas, places that seem to be devoid of all life.

But this is not the case at all. On the contrary, there is plenty of life in the desert.

Namibia must see is a 14-day expedition where you get to experience some of the biggest highlights to be found in Namibia.

The expedition takes you through some of the most beautiful and wild scenery you can possibly imagine. We come both through the Kalahari desert, out to the edge of “The skeleton coast”, the Kunene region with mountains and canyons, Etosha National Park with the world’s largest elephants and much more.

Highlights of the expidition:
  • Windhoek
  • Sesriem/Sossusvlei
  • Swakopmund/Skeleton coast
  • Kunune/Twyfelfontein area
  • Etosha national park
  • Okonjima national park
14 days you’ll never forget

On the trip, we drive through a very varied desert landscape, and you will experience an incredibly beautiful diversity.

We drive boats through dried up rivers, heavy sand and rough rocky terrain. In Swakopmond, you have the opportunity to go on a trip where you really get to test your skills as an off-road expert.

This trip takes place deep in the Kalahari dunes, and you may even get the opportunity to try your hand at the “big daddy”, which is a really challenging sandbar.

However, we also have days when we don’t move from place to place, but stay in the area and explore where we are.

We visit the beautiful sand desert at Sossusvlei, both on foot and by car.

Swakopmund is strongly influenced by its past as a German colony and is definitely a city worth exploring. Here you can also book various activities such as sand surfing, ATV driving in the desert or a sailing or fishing trip .

There is still much more

We also get to Kunune, known for its fantastic rock formations, a lot of bushman paintings, the Welwitschia plant which can be 1500 years old, and not least the desert elephants that live in this area.

Etosha National Park is world-renowned for its rich wildlife, and here you can find some of the world’s largest elephants and a good population of rhinos. We spend 3 full days here, so we have plenty of time to soak up the rich wildlife and all the beautiful nature.

We will even experience the Okonjima reserve at the foot of the Omboroko mountains, which is known for its good population of cheetahs, leopards and for their project of conservation and reintroduction of injured animals.

Henrik Kjær oplevede det sådan

“It’s not a holiday. It’s an adventure! Kan kun anbefales. Virkelig mange oplevelser du aldrig vil glemme. Skal prøves mindst en gang i dit liv.”

If you think desert scenery is boring, I can guarantee you’re in for quite a surprise. Namibia offers some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see.

On this expedition you will satiate your visual taste buds, but the unusual landscape and animal experiences will also give you the opportunity to ponder life. Both your own and as a whole.

Are you interested but have some questions?

Then I would like to ask you to book a chat with me below. It is as important to me as it is to you that we have spoken before you decide. So we can match expectations and wishes, and you are in no doubt about anything.

This is how we get around

On the expedition, you are in the driver’s seat and I am your guide. We drive in our large 4-wheel tractors with all camping equipment and a tent on the roof.

We prepare the food over a fire while we talk about the day’s experiences, enjoy the sunset and look forward to the endless starry sky.

There will be some driving related challenges, but I will teach you the required tricks and techniques along the way.

You get an unforgettable experience by being part of the fantastic nature and the rich wildlife. At the same time, you will feel completely free and more alive because it is so intense.

I look forward to showing you the Africa I can’t live without. And I’m sure you’ll get the same love for the country that I have. The magnificent nature will definitely give you something to take home with you that you won’t find on other trips.