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Drive in the Kruger park area

10-day expedition to Limpopo in South Africa

On this expedition you can experience the magnificent scenery of the area based in your own house on the farm Ekuthuleni in Limpopo province.

You live in Ekuthuleni (where we live ourselves) and from here you have the opportunity to explore some of the best that South Africa has to offer when it comes to nature and bush.

  • Ekuthuleni Nature Reserve
  • Kruger National Park
  • Blyde River Canyon (the world’s 3rd largest)
  • Boat trips at Blyde Dam
  • Hoedspruit
  • Moholoholo Animal Rehab Center
  • Jessica, the tame hippo and more
10 days stuffed with amazing experiences

The tour starts in O.R. Johannesburg Tambo Airport, where you pick up the car and drive towards Hoedspruit through some of the most beautiful mountain terrain you can imagine.

One stop that you should enjoy yourself along the way is the gas station ALZU. It is located approx. 175 km from the airport.

Go inside and use the restroom and experience the wealth of animals they have in the area behind. Here you can really talk about a “restroom with a view”.

Or you can just walk around to the back and enjoy the view. Do not forget to visit their rhinoceros museum and the shop downstairs. Both are quite an experience.


The first night is spent in the Dullstroom, in the mountains (remember warm clothes). A city with an antique charm and many specialty shops is an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Enjoy the city and have a good dinner so everyone is ready to experience the mountain route the next day on their way to Hoedspruit/Ekuthuleni.

Along the way, it is possible to explore, for example, Three Rondavels, God´s Window, The Pinnacle and Bourke´s Luck Potholes, which is an African version of the “Margurite Route”.

At Ekuthuleni (which means place of peace) you get your own lovely house, where zebras, wildebeest, impalas, giraffes, monkeys and hippos are part of daily life. This is also where we live, and there will always be one of us available.

Time here is your own and generally there is free play. There are lots of great experiences in the area and I am of course available with good advice and guidance.

Hoedspruit is the nearest town about 20 km away. It is a beautiful city with really good places to eat and shopping. The price level in South Africa is about half that of Europe, so you might want to consider carrying an empty suitcase.

Anita Lessel

”If you want to have an amazing experience in Africa, I can only recommend Richi, he has a great knowledge of Africa and he is the perfect guide.

Alternative travel options

We generally recommend driving from Johannesburg as it is a very beautiful trip. But it is also a matter of temperament as it is a trip of +500 km. If you prefer, you can fly to Hoedspruit instead and have the car delivered there.

If you wish, you also have the opportunity to arrange 1 day or multi-day trips with a guide to, for example, the Kruger Park.

The 10 days is just a suggestion based on my experience that it is a really good time to have a whole lot of experiences. You will have time to go on trips and to enjoy the beautiful area of Ekuthuleni.

Whether you want a longer or shorter period, use the link below and order a free chat with me. We will talk about your wishes and expectations for the trip before you decide.

Frequently asked questions

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