Richis Afrika

Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions from my participants. Feel free to send me your questions too. At the same time, I want to draw attention to our online info meetings, where I will be available to have a talk that goes a little deeper.

What is the situation like in Botswana?

Botswana has one of the oldest and best functioning democracies in Africa, a well-functioning economy and a generally contempt population.

How do we get around? 

At Richi’s Africa, we have chosen to classify our tours as expeditions and not as safaris. Guided by Richi, participants drive the rented four-wheeler through the bush.

Where do we sleep?

Most of the trip we spend the night in tents, which are located on top of the cars.

Do we camp in the bush?

Yes and no. You can’t just camp out where you want, especially not in the nature reserves. So we have booked camp sites for the entire course. These differ from the bush itself in that there are toilet facilities, but they are not fenced in, and the animals can move freely anywhere.

How dangerous is it to spend the night at the camp sites?

It is not dangerous. Tourism is Botswana’s third largest source of income. If there were tourists who were trampled or bitten to death, this source would quickly dry out.

What about bugs and snakes?

Hoses are very sensitive and will always choose to move if they can feel vibrations in the ground when we walk. As for the second annoyance – mosquitoes – fortunately, we have a mosquito repellent called Peaceful Sleep, which prevents a mosquito problem very effectively.

What about food?

Since this is an expedition, everything is going on in the bush with the challenges that face us there. We cook food over a mixture of gas and bonfires.

Doesn’t the food get bad in the heat?

Just like at home, we store food and drinks in a refrigerator. The cars we drive in are fully equipped with refrigerators, 1-2 tents on the roof, gas cylinders and all cooking and eating utensils, tables and chairs. We are totally self-sufficient when we are in the bush.

What are the roads like?

It varies a lot. There are really good roads in Botswana, but when we’re in the bush it’s a different matter. Conditions can vary greatly from heavy sand to direct flood. Therefore, the planned route is always just this, “a planned route”. If there are places that are flooded, for example, we find other avenues. But wherever we move, we are always surrounded by the most amazing wildlife that Africa has to offer.

But what if we get stuck?

It is a challenge that we solve together. Since we are a group of cars, this is not a problem. There is always a car to help us out. (see participants video here).

What if I get sick or suffer a major accident?

Then we call for help. We always take out helicopter rescue service insurance. With Garmin’s “Inreach” satellite phone we can always get in touch with SOS.