Richis Afrika

Here you can read about how former expedition participants have experienced being part of Richi’s Africa Expeditions:

Jørn Ole Johansen 

Thanks to Richi’s Africa for a wonderful trip. I joined in May 2018 from Johannesburg and up through Botswana to the Victoria waterfall and back again, a 3300km trip. If you like nature and wildlife, then I would highly recommend a trip with Richis Africa.

Jonas Olden Kromann

A dream trip to Africa that ended up being just that, a dream trip. When the opportunity presented itself to get to Botswana with Richi’s Africa, I set out to experience Africa.

Richi had prepared me really well for what to expect, yet it was an overwhelming experience. Waking up in the “bush” and hearing the sounds is one thing you just can’t prepare for. Everything I’ve seen on television about Africa comes to life in a completely different way when you can hear, smell, feel and see it.

Driving the car in the bush is a big part of the experience. We cross rivers, drive in heavy sand and from time to time have to stop for elephants crossing the road.

We drove out early in the morning and saw the savannah wake up in the early morning light. One evening we were sitting around the fire when we were suddenly visited by hyenas. In Chobe we had a fantastic afternoon with a wealth of animals. Zebra, buffalo, kudu, impala, baboon, elephant, giraffe and I can stay.

We ended up at the Ihaha Campsite with the most amazing sunset view of the river.

Richi has an overwhelming passion for the African bush, a knowledge he loves to share with his guests. The tour is well organized and it is clear that Richi knows what he is doing. This makes me feel safe when moving around the bush and spending the night in our tents.

Richi is also always ready to help. In Zimbabwe, he organized that Kaj and I could see a school because Richi knew this was in my interest. If you have a dream of experiencing the African bush and really getting close to nature, then I highly recommend traveling with Richi & Lene on one of their trips.

Jane Kruse

I was on tour in May 2017 and what a trip. A fantastic experience that can best be described as unique, enriching, moving and for me transgressive.
The starry sky of Kalahari, a lion mother with her 2 kids up close, elephants as neighbors in camp, beautiful impala in elegant race, zebras with unique patterns. I could go on. And it all happens right in front of you.

Meals in the open is always a hit for me, but food in the bush is extraordinary. After a long exhausting day, campfires under the stars are meditation for the soul.

If you are into the outdoors, animals in their proper element and experiences that do not fall under the charter holiday category, then I highly recommend a safari with Ricki. His many experiences from Africa and many trips to the bush, which he willingly shares, makes SO much sense when you are there. “Out there” he is in his right element, and it made me feel really good company.

Manuela Pruess

I did the Best of Botswana trip in May 2018 with Richi. It was an amazing trip, starting in Johannesburg and including a dip into Zimbabwe to see the mighty Victoria Falls. A tour with expedition character that we could never have done just by ourselves! 

We crossed the country on mostly dirt and sand roads, drove through the bush and the desert, forded rivers and bumped into quite a few potholes. Occasionally, we nearly bumped into elephants, too, as they are truly abundant in Botswana. Plus there were many more animals to see (and to take pictures of) than I could list here. Some antelopes even made it onto the menu, but vegetarians were catered for, too. 

Mostly we cooked in the evenings in the camps, partly with head torches, and dinner was eaten around the camp fire. And then it was a climb up the ladder to our cozy roof top tents to enjoy a night amidst the sounds of the bush before Richi woke us at 5 am (no kidding – but sometimes we could sleep in until 6 am) for a morning safari.

Most of the guests were Danish, but I got by with English, as people were nice and would speak English for my sake. And Richi and his wife Lene are great guides that feel like friends. They know and love Botswana and its people and animals (and presumably other South African countries, too), and are happy to share their experience. I fully recommend going on a tour with them.

Nanna Borg Oldenbjerg

First of all, thank you for our best vacation ever. We spent 20 days with you and our 4 children (7, 11, 14 and 16 years). Before we left, we had two meetings with you in the summer of 2019 where we had an expectation vote. Then we gave you free hands to plan a vacation for us in Africa.

You sent a presentation, divided into 3 chapters, which included a 7-day safari in the best of Botswana, 3 nights in Zimbabwe and finally 8 days in Hoedspruit in South Africa. We quickly said yes, and bought plane tickets to Johannesburg, where we met in late January 2020.

We were excited about what you had come up with and now to get started. We quickly learned: “This is not a holiday – It is an adventure and “TIA” (this is Africa) 😊.

Chapter 1: Eight days of mobile safari in the bush. Did not see other people for 4 days. Then suddenly lions, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, many kinds of antelopes, various birds, etc. All close up, and with plenty of time to enjoy it in the most amazingly varied scenery.

Camps, food, equipment, etc., which our crew in their own car drove in advance and set up, worked perfectly. The best food, the friendliest surroundings around the fire. Watching the giraffe walk by while we take a shower in the set shower in the middle of the savanna. It was indescribable.

Chapter 2: Taking place in Zimbabwe. We lived in local traditional village where we lived like them. Huge experience for us and for them. We experienced great hospitality. 😊 We saw Victoria Falls and we river rafted all six on the beautiful Zambezi River.

Chapter 3: North of Hoedspruit in South Africa lies Ekuthuleni, where you had rented the most beautiful house in the most amazing surroundings. Here was the tranquility and no stress. The hippopotamus came close to our terrace and the monkeys, impalas, gnomes and zebras were in our backyard. Here we relaxed and had various trips to local area attractions. Hippopotamus Jessica, Moholoholo Rehabilitation Center, boating on the Blyde River, shopping and more.

Richi and Lene, we gave you free hands to plan a trip for us with the wishes we now had. You have lived up to that. Everything has been perfectly planned and fully lived up to our expectations. The program has been effective, but with time for deepening.

You are wonderful to be with. You know about almost everything in Africa, including the culture, traditions, people, food and sights. It provides great security when traveling with us like 4 children. We have been very intense together and not everyone can be with it. That’s because you both have great intuition and empathy. You understand how to feel what we as individuals and family need.

We thank you once again and will at the same time give you the very best recommendations as travel guides in Africa. See you again in Africa… 😊 All the best from Nanna and Henrik with children.

Nina Hvid Topp

Can definitely recommend a trip to Africa with Richi. With Richi as a guide you get a great experience with someone who loves and knows Africa and the nature/bush in all aspects!!! One feels safe, relaxed and bombarded with amazing sensory impressions and experiences that one does not get on other Africa tours (have tried more)!

Henrik Kjær

It’s not a holiday. It’s an adventure! Can only be recommended. Truly many experiences you will never forget. Must be tested at least once in your life.

Anita Lessel

If you want to have an amazing experience in Africa, I can only recommend Richi. He has a great knowledge of Africa and is the perfect guide.

Monica Larsen

I’ve been on an expedition with Richi’s Africa now and it’s nothing short of amazing! Cars, tents, lodges and the route in general have worked perfectly! There is a huge travel experience.

Martine Sandorff

An adventure of a lifetime!