Richis Afrika

Do you want to run with the heard? or do your want more from your holiday. At Richis Africa we will put you in the drivers seat at an expedition, where YOU will explore and experience den grand southafrican nature and animal life close up.

This is an experience that will separate you from the heard, and that I can guarantee you that you will never forget.

A necessary conversation

Before deciding whether you want to go on an expedition with Richis Africa, it is important that we have a talk about your expectations and desires.

About Richi



This is yours and my expedition together

When you go on a trip with Richis Africa, we drive thousands of miles through a landscape that makes your jaw drop again and again.

What do you say to:

  • spend the nights under countless stars?
  • camp with elephants as the closest neighbors and with hyenas who roam the camp for leftovers?
  • experience the sun set over timeless landscapes in the evening and hear all the sounds of nature as you wake up in the morning?

On our expedition you drive yourself across endless plains or through mountainous landscapes, while Africa’s rich wildlife is constantly your faithful companion.

We enjoy some lovely meals over the campfire together and talk about what we experienced during the day. As the sun dips into the horizon, millions of stars appear in the sky. A sight you will never forget as long as you live.

Traveling with Richi's Africa is a unique experience

Every expedition is different and every season is different. But with you in the driver’s seat and me as your personal guide, you are guaranteed some amazing experiences.

You can choose from the following expeditions:

  • Botswana: The spectacular wildlife and a limited number of tourists make Botswana considered by many as the unmatched safari destination.
  • Namibia: Breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and a culmination in the wonderful Etosha National Park make this trip a visual experience without a hitch.
  • South Africa: Also called “A World in a Country”. Limpopo has some of the most amazing bush and is home to Kruger Park and Blyde Canyon (the world’s 3rd largest).
  • 3-in-1 safari: A 15-day combination trip in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Experience Kruger Park, Moholoholo (Animal Rescue Center) and a wonderful boat trip on the Blyde Dam.

Get a taylor made trip with Richis Afrika

With the help of Richi, a taylor made trip to South Africa was planned. It was indeed a dream vacation for our family. I highly recommend taking advantage of Richi’s extensive knowledge on everything from travel advice, accommodations, wild life, restaurants – well, just about everything 🙂

Anders Duedahl, februar 2019.