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Best of Botswana

Guided self-drive expedition in Botswana

The adventure starts right here. Once you’re in the driver’s seat, we’re ready to begin our expedition together.

You will experience a magnificent starry sky, herds of elephants, lions roaring in the distance, all while we sit around the fire and enjoy a cup of coffee – in the middle of Botswana.

“Best of Botswana” is a 15-day expedition that takes you through Botswana with a detour to the majestic Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Our entire expedition is organized with a deep respect for the animals and the land. We drive in specially equipped 4-wheel drive vehicles through Botswana, experience the fantastic wildlife and camp along the way in tents on the roof of the car.

On this trip, you will see part of the endless Kalahari desert, the unique Okavango delta and the world-famous Chobe national park.

Highlights of the trip:
  • Kubu Island and/or Makgadikgadi Pans
  • Okavango Delta and Moremi
  • Khwai and Savuti
  • Chobe River
  • Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)
15 days packed with adventure

As if that wasn’t enough, you also get the chance to slide down the Okavango Delta in a mokoro. It is a traditional canoe, made from a hollowed-out log, that the locals use.

As you glide silently through the water, you may be lucky enough to spot an Osprey and hear its distinctive cry as it soars high above you in constant pursuit of prey. You will also get close to the hippos cooling off in the river and the other animals that come down to the banks to drink.

A unique sensation of freedom

Because we only have a limited number of guests (max. 10) on each expedition, you are largely involved in deciding which experiences we seek out along the way.

You will also face challenges like flooded roads or herds of elephants blocking our way. Challenges that you, together with the other participants  have to find solutions for (I “maybe” help too).

That you get a completely new view of what you can do is an important part of the whole experience. And the very feeling of freedom that comes with it is amazing.

This is how we camp on the trip

Much of the time we spend in the middle of the bush, where we cannot know what will appear a few kilometers ahead. This means that our senses are sharpened and you live intensely in the present.

The vast majority of nights we stay in private camps with a minimum of facilities (bath and toilet), but it also happens that we camp right where we are at a given time.

We have that flexibility because, like the snail, we travel with our house on our backs and have tents with us that are erected on the roof of the cars.

The nights in the bush are indescribable when, after a good meal cooked over a fire, we go to rest accompanied by the roar of lions in the distance and animals passing close by.

Monica Larsen about her experience

“I have now been on a trip with Richis Africa, and it is nothing short of fantastic!

Cars, tents, lodges and the route in general have worked perfectly. It is a huge travel experience.”

A detour to Zimbabwe

In addition to experiencing the bush, you can look forward to seeing the fantastic Victoria Falls, located in Zimbabwe. The deafening roar of the colossal waterfall will leave you speechless in sheer awe of nature’s untamed beauty and strength.

Here you also have the opportunity to explore the area on your own, or take a helicopter tour to experience it all from a bird’s eye view.

Luxury at a different level

You should not expect luxury in the most general sense of the word on this expedition. The “luxury” we experience is when we drive through nature as true adventurers, where we have to adapt to nature’s challenges as we encounter them. It is a luxury that has no equal.

Like, for example, when we have set up camp in the beautiful and desolate nature of the Kalahari, when we see the beautiful light at sunset play in the grass on the savannah, and the sun suddenly disappears on the horizon. When we lie looking up at the night sky with millions of stars, then you will know what real luxury is.

Are you ready to hear more?

I never take anyone on an expedition that I haven’t spoken to first. It is important so that we can align expectations and wishes, and you can get answers to your questions.

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